What is Guayoyo?

A group of professionals from different backgrounds that came together to focus the importance of people in any project they are involved with. Looking eye to eye, being in the moment, open and available, is what shapes meaningful and memorable experiences.

Guayoyo Creative Collective was officially established in 2012, in Toronto, Canada. It has been a child project of Isaac Luy ever since he became a new immigrant in Canada. Guayoyo draws all it’s knowledge from the Collaborators that have been and will be part of our projects, Guayoyo is an ever changing collective of professional that is shaped by the people involved in the work that is being done right now!

At any given time you can say Guayoyo Creative Collective is as experienced as the most experienced member of the team and as novice as the most novice member of the team.

Guayoyo is focused and dedicated to the creation of new work in the Performing Arts. The reason why it is called Creative Collective and not Theatre Company is because we don’t want to restrain ourselves to the stage. The vision for the group is to be able to take any creative project in any area, assemble the right group of collaborators with the experience and expertise that is needed to execute our ideas and bring them to life. By doing this, we have more freedom to morph and to do work that we feel is necessary for our times, we can challenge ourselves and go wherever our imagination takes us. We are committed to bringing people to the spotlight in all of our projects, and we want to have the freedom to pull from any trade to make that happen.

We are lucky to work with professionals with years of experience and knowledge. We are deeply grateful for all of their contributions.