Our Vision

Creating work that has true value: that is current, relevant, transformational and memorable for the targeted audience

What needs to be said today? What makes us come together or breaks us as a community in this moment? The answer is always changing and allows us to be engaged and engage others in shaping what comes next.

People should be a top priority in this upside down world. We bring people’s stories to the front of our work. That way we can become a hub for meaningful exchanges to happen, exchanges that have strength and an impact.

Work that opens the possibility for people to go through something, to live something in the now allowing them to keep redefining themselves. That’s what we do!

Leaving a legacy and contributing to mould the culture that gives us our identity.

Having a physical space where we can dedicate full time to the creation and development of the ideas shaped by our mission, values and vision, where we can expand our pool of resources and collaborators to enrich our work, where we can contribute to the communities by teaching what we know and discover, where we can also learn from our mistakes and encounters with the old and new, this is our most tangible objective. Having a space that will allow us to expand and explore constantly.

We also dream about bringing all that we have been fortunate enough to learn and all that we will be learning over the years, to our places of origin, to Latin America, and to places that like Latin America don’t have the fortune of having some resources we have here. We also dream of bringing from those places the sturdy voices and spirits we have yet to hear from.

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