Our Values

Humanity is our greatest gift! A tricky animal to deal with, and yet perfect in all it’s uglyness and beauty

Openness. Everything is relative! We don’t really believe in right or wrong, we are convinced that all human beings are capable of anything, anyone can shine like the brightest of lights or be dark like the darkest of coals. It is by pushing the limits that we have set for ourselves that we can discover and experience all our humanity; and, by doing so, we can gain a new perspective of the world.

Truthfulness. We spend most of our time hiding behind masks, showing what we want others to see and hiding what we don’t want them to see. Those masks might be necessary for us to survive in specific environments, there’s nothing wrong with that. The problem, we think, comes when we convince ourselves that those masks define us! When they really limit us! Honouring your own truth (of this moment) and allowing it to speak up will break those masks and show infinite potential.

Connection. It is only in connection that we’ll be able to deal with our human nature. In connection we can bring out those monsters that we are so afraid off and tame them, transform wild lions into domestic kittens that can roar like the thunder when we need them to. It is only in connection that we don’t loose ourselves, that we remember ourselves and that we can make things matter for the ones around us.

Play. It is the most powerful learning tool we have, it allows us all to remember not to take ourselves so seriously, it allows us to be surprised and discover new things and it reminds us of the importance of love in our lives.

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