Our Mission

Support true human change by facilitating powerful encounters for the discovery and re-connection to ourselves

We believe that in order to have true change in the world, people need to go in a journey that shifts their perspective of themselves; that maybe allows them to discover new things about themselves or that maybe makes them remember and re-connect with themselves. In any case people need to have a true experience for things to move, something real has to happen.

Our job is to open up the doors for that journey to happen, inviting the audience to come with the artist(s) and be active participants in what needs to happen. This experience, that both audiences and artist(s) embark on, unfolds in a way that lets everyone indulge in it without thinking or judging. And it is in this pure creative space we have created together, that anything is possible, we face the endless potential of the self. Once the journey is coming to an ended and we have to part ways, both the audience and the artist(s) should feel like they have lived through something, together.

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