3 August 2017

The Array Space at 155 Walnut Ave. Toronto, ON

EXIT is a show that takes audiences through the journey of what it means to be an immigrant

The show is based on the true story of how Isaac became an immigrant in Canada. When immigrants think about moving to the north they imagine a glamorous life, a first nation that solves every problem we may have and a bright happy future; but the truth is, there is much more to being an immigrant than that, the shock of culture, the language, the weather, the laws of immigration and employment all these things that a new comer has to navigate through or around to be able to procure himself with the life we expected, and even after that, you have the remorse of thinking about what you left behind: your family, your culture, your country. Being an immigrant is a very complex experience that not everyone understands or appreciate.

The show was written, created and performed by Isaac Luy and it was directed by Francine Côté’s Clown and Comedy School. Based on original ideas workshopped in collaboration with Sue Morrison.