Clown Crossings

A place to cross over… to contradict oneself.  To make apparent your contrary nature.  To do battle with it, to embrace it.  What is it?  It is your clown character.  Your necessary nature.  It is also a space to present a work-in-progress with supportive eyes, ears and hearts.


We are Clowns who are stumbling our way through the maze of our emotions, of presenting ourselves, our works, our fears, our triumphs.  We are all working in various degrees of comedy and not-so comedy….recognizing that sometimes it’s relief and release to acknowledge the terror of  our Clown existence.


We strive, valiantly, to encourage each other and others who are in the midst of creating Clown works for the stage, for film, for the radio….for one night only or to travel with forever.  We ask only that you bring material that you have begun to sift through, that has shape already, that may need perspectives freely given to push your ideas in another direction.  Or maybe, you will find it will be perfect as is and we will do our best to show you the door so that you can GET ON WITH IT!


We, and you, have put a lot of work already into our project(s) and none of us yet have discovered how to live off of pure air and sunshine. It is our intention to pay each performer based on the tickets sales for the show they will be performing in.