What is Guayoyo?

A group of professionals from different backgrounds that came together to focus the importance of people in any project they are involved with. Looking eye to eye, being in the moment, open and available, is what shapes meaningful and memorable experiences.

Our Mission

Support true human change by facilitating powerful encounters for the discovery and re-connection to ourselves


Our Values

Humanity is our greatest gift! A tricky animal to deal with, and yet perfect in all it’s uglyness and beauty


Our Vision

Creating work that has true value: that is current, relevant, transformational and memorable for the targeted audience


Isaac LuyFounder

Performing artist since the age of 14. An Actor with a strong passion for the Clown. Optimist. Big avocado lover!

Noha Della PollaCollaborator

Environmental designer with a love for the fantasy fiction. Theatre enthusiast and supporter. Chocolate fanatic!

Daniela BecerraCollaborator

Theatre producer with a fierce character: a go-getter! National Theatre School attendee. Major sweet tooth!